"Megan was key in supporting me and my co-authors in getting our book, Deprescribing in Psychiatry (Oxford University Press, 2019)  to the finish line. 

Her clear thinking and analytic skills helped us to reshape our manuscript, making it more logical, readable and persuasive in arguing its points

She asks insightful questions which help her to better understand the project, but also helped us as authors clarify our own thinking. 

She was timely and communicated with us effectively, making the process easy. 

I would strongly recommend her for any project."

Rebecca A. Miller
Associate Professor,
Yale School of Medicine, Department of Psychiattry


"I have worked with Megan on a number of projects. Her guidance in thinking through the structure and organization of the manuals I create is invaluable.

If you are looking for support or direction for your writing, Megan is an asset to any project and will help your work rise to the next level.

Her kind and clear communication, coupled with her dedication to my projects' success makes our collaboration an absolute pleasure."

Andrea Russell
Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation Teacher


"For years I had been stressing about my tenure decision and now it was make-or-break. In some realms of my job, I had a strong track record. In others I had received mixed feedback, and I was struggling with how to write about it. Megan’s help was critical.

Megan worked with me through several iterations of edits, helping me find the right framing to discuss the areas I struggled in and the right tone for my writing — both honest and reflective, and still putting my best foot forward. She made numerous suggestions, left lots of written feedback in the comments, and spoke with me extensively. These conversations were invaluable to me. 

In the end my professional statement was well received by my colleagues and the tenure board, and I now have the privilege of being a tenured professor!"

Jordan Katz

Professor of Chemistry

Denison University


"I knew that Megan’s edits would strengthen an important grant proposal. 

She began by meticulously reading the grant requirements, then asked me several questions that helped me rewrite my artist’s statement with much greater depth. 

She was then able to quickly identify areas of my statement that would benefit from clarification, rewording and more direct vocabulary. 

Megan went through my statement line by line and word by word, offering suggestions to more directly describe my work and address the grant specifications. I submitted the proposal feeling confident, and with a piece of writing I will be able to use in many other situations.

Gayle Alexander
Independent Artist


"I had been applying for jobs for months without getting a single interview. I had all the necessary skills for this job, but I felt very sub-par writing coherently about them. Megan helped me immensely.

She broke the job description down into its constituent parts, then asked me about each section. Then she mapped it out visually, which allowed us to see a whole emerging from the parts and brought the project into focus.

It was not easy getting this project together. Self-examination is hard and I am not the most organized person, but we kept at it and when it was done …BAM… I got the job.

She told me “they are employing you for your skills, not your ability to write about yourself.” It's true. So take the plunge and get the support you need to make your real skills shine. I would recommend her services to anyone in a similar situation. I would not have gotten the position without her."

Dale Kaminski

Director, Arts Media Center 

Schuh Visiting Artist Coordinator

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater